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Edward Lihan (Engineer): 

Former Director of Pipeline Safety,

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities 


Natural Gas - Propane - Regualtory Expert.


Ed Lihan retired last year from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities after 33 years where he was the Supervising Engineer of the Bureau of Pipeline Safety. His responsibility included the following for example:  


  • Conduct gas explosion and incident field investigations

  • Field inspections of natural gas pipeline/LNG operators

  • Preparation & review of rules associated with natural gas

  • Issue violations of Federal & State pipeline regulations

  • Prepare comprehensive accident reports

  • Team member in several joint gas accident investigations with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)


Edward joined NatGas Consulting over a year ago, and has been an excellent addition to our team! He has extensive references available from around the industry and is accepting new cases for review as the potential expert.

Ed's CV is available for download below:

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