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Mark McDonald: Former Gas Company Employee - 30 YEAR Industry Expert 



*Natural Gas - *Propane - *Carbon Monoxide  EXPERT



Mark McDonald has extensive (30 Years) natural gas direct and internal gas company experience which is quite rare as a natural gas investigator/expert. When coupled with his decades of regulatory (litigation, enforcement, and research) and legislative lobbying experience focused 100% on natural gas issues. We don't believe you will find another expert with nearly similar experience.



Mark's Experience & Expertise Includes:


  • Natural Gas (Explosions, Leaks, 3rd Party Damage)

  • Leak Response - Investigation - Survey - Grading

  • District Regulators: Inspection, Repair, Installation 

  • Main/Service (subsurface) Repair and Installation

  • Plastic Fusion, Mechanical Couplings, Vintage Plastic, etc.

  • Meter & Fitting Installation, Work, Service & Replacement

  • Carbon Monoxide Emergency Response & Investigation

  • Gas Appliance Inspection and Code Enforcement

  • Gas Regulation, Law, Interpretations, Legal Discovery, Chapter 49, Section 192 (Federal Regulations) NFPA, NGFC, IGFC, State & City/County Gas Codes



Mark has performed over 100 on-scene natural gas explosion investigations including full case development. His extensive reference availability from current & past clients/cases is available. 


Mark is accepting new cases for review as an expert.



CV is available for download below:

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