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Natural Gas Expert

NatGas Consulting owner - Mark McDonald has worked extensively with the media on a regular basis for decades in the past on natural gas safety issues to educate the media, which in turn educates the public when few answers are offered. The following are just a few news links to recent nationwide stories NatGas Consulting has participated in-

  • Somerset, MA. Gas Explosion; SETTLED!


  • Kansas City, JJ's Gas Explosion SETTLED 5 DIFFERENT CLIENTS! 

  • ​Fort Wayne, IA. Gas Explosion SETTLED!​​​


  • Topeka, KS. Gas Explosion; SETTLED!​​​


  • South Carolina CO. Case SETTLED!​​​


  • Kansas City Appliance Flash-Back SUMMARY JUDGEMENT


  • Clevaland, OH. Gas Explosion;WON VERDICT


  • Michigan Propane Explosion SETTLED!​​​


  • Philadelphia, Gas Explosion SETTLED!​​​


  • Middletown, CT.                                   Gas Explosion SETTLED!​​​


  • New York Gasoline Ignited by Water Heater BURNS Child SETTLED! 

  • Las Vegas, NV Gas Explosion; SETTLED!​


  • Chicago, IL. Gas Explosion SETTLED!​​​


  • Baltimore, MD. Gas ExplosionSETTLED!​


  • West Virginia Gas Explosion SETTLED!​ 

  • Phoenix Gas Fire SETTLED!​ 


  • Winthrop, MA. Gas Explosion SETTLED!


  • Ewing, NJ. Gas Explosion  SETTLED 3 DIFFERENT CLIENTS!

  • Harlem, NY. Gas Explosion   


  • Chicago (Long Grove) Explosion  SETTLED!


  • Philly Lunch Truck Propane  SETTLED LARGEST IN U.S. HISTORY!!


  • Kismet, Kansas Gas Explosion SETTLED!


  • Newport, Kentucky Gas Explosion SETTLED!​ 


  • Ohio Propane Explosion SETTLED!​


  • St. Louis Propane Explosion SETTLED!​


  • Indianapolis Gas Explosion  SETTLED!


  • Cape Elizabeth, ME, Propane Explosion  SETTLED!


  • Stafford, NJ Gas Explosion SETTLED!​​​


  • Newark, OH Gas Explosion  SETTLED!


  • Marshfield, MA. Gas Explosion


  • Upper Arlington, OH Gas Explosion


  • New Orleans, LA, Gas Explosion SETTLED!​​​


  • Savannah, GA. Gas Explosion SUMMARY JUDGEMENT


  • Whitemarsh, MD. Gas Explosion  SETTLED!


  • Macon, GA. Gas Scalding  SETTLED!


  • Bloomington, MN. Gas Explosion SETTLED!​


  • Middleton, DE. Propane Explosion


  • Columbia, MD. Gas Explosion SETTLED!​


  • Madelia, MN. Gas Explosion  SETTLED!


  • Vail, CO. Gas Explosion  SETTLED!


  • Omaha, NE. Gas Explosion


  • Garden City, KS. Gas Explosion  SETTLED!


  • Dunmore, PA. Gas Explosion SETTLED!


  • Dorchester, MA. Gas Explosion  SETTLED!


  • North Carolina Transmission Line Fire​


  • Westminster, CO. Gas Explosion


  • Lincoln Park, MI. Gas Explosion


  • Elyria, OH. Gas Explosion




As part of Mark McDonald's work as a natural gas-public safety advocate, legislative lobbying on both the State & Federal levels is critical in terms of either improving pipeline safety or preventing further degradation of existing legal mandates to cut costs.

This is a VERY critical function and/or service my work provided. Since there is essentially no one from within the industry advocating & lobbying in the legislative arenas on behalf of the public!  

I personally have over 2 decades of lobbying experience at many different levels. I have written several bills, many with quite a bit of success, including a bill I wrote and filed in 2010 that became Massachusetts state law in July or 2014.




My gas leak grading bill passed in Massachusetts and is either pending or developing in several other states as "landmark natural gas safety legislation"! The law mandates the control of gas leaks by gas companies. Most would find the fact there is NO federal regulations or laws mandating the control OR repair of gas leaks on public & private property by gas companies shocking!


This is where my work as a lobbyist is helping improve natural gas safety.

​State & Federal regulations are essentially what mandates & controls the natural gas industry in terms of safety minimums to protect the public.

These regulations are useless unless enforced as would our governing laws without police to enforce such laws, which would lead to chaos in our society!

Chaos is where I believe the natural gas industry is approaching rapidly! The State & Federal regulators do not remotely have the level of a police force to enforce the existing regulations and laws, which means the enforcement is meek at best.

What has changed?? De-regulation of the natural gas industry as well as different rate designs intended to produce incentives for gas companies to cut costs in favor of lowering rates for ratepayers at the direct risk of safety to the public.


This has created great interest for gas companies to cut costs, which means, cuts in services. In this industry, when you cut are cutting safety!

This work is also critical (as stated in "Lobbying") to have an "inside voice" speaking on behalf of the public. I also have over 2 decades of experience in the regulatory arena as well.  

NatGas Consulting also provides expert testimony in state regulatory proceedings as experts in the natural gas industry.

Projects 2014-2020

Projects 2014-20 continued...

  • West Lexington,S.C. Propane Explosion

  • Chicago, IL. Natural Gas Explosion SETTLED!


  • Westminster, CO. Gas Explosion SETTLED!


  • Headland, AL. Gas Explosion


  • Providence, RI. Gas Explosion  SETTLED!


  • Westford, MA. Gas Explosion​ SETTLED!


  • Saugus, MA. Propane Fire  SETTLED!


  • Georgetown, OH. Propane Incident


  • Ann Arbor, MI. Gas Inhilation (Defense) Case SETTLED!


  • Ashton, OH. Gas Explosion


  • Maryville, IL. Gas Igntion - Contractor Injury


  • White Plains, NY. Gas Ignition - Contractor Injury


  • Pittsburgh, PA. Gas Ignition - Contractor Injury


  • Silver Spring, MD. Gas Explosion SETTLED!​

  • Pittsburgh, PA. Natural Gas Explosion SETTLED!​


   Not a Complete List......

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