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Jason Koplin P.E. : Odorant Expert 


Jason has worked in the odorization of natural gas/propane business for many years along several aspects of odorizing and testing of odorant levels as required by federal and state regulatory statutes: 


Functions related to Natural & Propane Odorant:


  • Odorant injection and maintenance of gas co. odorant levels.

  • Monthly testing of Distribution natural gas required odorant levels.

  • NFPA, ASME, IGFC, National Gas Fuel Code, PHMSA

  • Specific state, county city/town rules & regulations 

  • Post incident odorant testing

  • Specializes in "pickling" new, large piping projects on both the regulated gas pipeline and customer owned gas piping

  • Odorant installation and proper level expertise

  • Analysis of odorant injection rates


Jason has extensive knowledge and experience across the board when it comes to odorization of natural & propane gas. Including regulations, policies and varying gas company practices which provides a very unique and broad knowledge of industry, but also different company's application & interpretation of the same rules which can be invaluable in the investigation of natural & propane gas explosions from one gas company to another!


Like all our experts...Jason has "hands-on" experience in the natural & propane gas industry as it relates to mandated odorant levels!