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NatGas CONSULTING only hires true "hands-on" experts in the industry they will be providing opinions on a professional level. We have experts from a full range of natural gas industry functions who can provide very specialized and detailed consulting and testimony on functions these folks have worked at for decades. These NatGas Consultants ARE​​ the experts in the industry. True experts, we believe you will not match in experience, which will be quite clear to the responsible party(s) & our clients.  

Every expert provided by NatGas Consulting will have no less than decades of experience at their specialized trade. With NatGas Consultants you get unparalleled access to not only trained & educated experts but also (which I see as most critical) extensive experience working in the role/capacity they are expected to testify to.

We have seen a surprising level of limited experience in the litigation field with regard to natural gas, propane, and Carbon Monoxide which each of our field experts unanimously agree to be the case when entering the legal side of becoming an expert through the transition from an industry expert to a legal expert with NatGas Consulting.


We are quite proud of our case history on several different levels as we have never lost a gas explosion case, which our clients can attest to. NatGas Consulting has become the premier natural gas experts in the industry!

Even if you do not hire our very careful whom you recognize as your 



Expert Witness Service

NatGas Consulting provides the best expert services available, as well as unprecedented detail expert access specific to ANY function in the natural gas industry from; Distribution--Transmission--Gas Appliances.

The following is a small list of experts available under NatGas Services!:

  • Explosion/Incident investigation & cause analysis.

  • Emergency Response, Leak Survey, Leak Investigation.

  • Gas Line locating, Directional Boring Incidents. 

  • 3rd Party Damage!

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning "the silent killer"!

  • Service & District Regulator Stations, Compressor Stations.

  • HVAC & Gas Appliance Repair/Inspection.

  • Meter Protection, Vintage Plastic, Mechanical Coupling Failures

  • VIRTUALLY Access to ANY type of natural gas expert wanted. 

​NatGas expertise has & will provide strong support in any litigation case!

Explosion Investigation Services

NatGas experts have significant experience in explosion site investigation, as well as follow-up evidence testing protocol and discovery assistance. We are much more than a site or evidence expert opinion.


  • Cause Assessment.​

  • Professional Photography (capturing critical photo evidence).

  • Scene Investigation & Evidence Tagging.

  • Soil Sample Gathering & Testing.

  • Pressure Testing of Affected Piping.

  • Helium or Smoke Testing Re-Creation of Initial Leak.

  • Excavation & Tools (used) Inspection.

  • Witness Interviews.

  • Sub-surface Camera Pics/Videos.

  • Soil Sampling.

  • Burn Patterns & Explosion Debris Calculations.

  • Gas Leakage Survey of the Surrounding Area 

Case Building & Research

​NatGas Consulting also provides extensive "cause" case building by developing several factors related to the industry. Such as;

  • Federal/State Regulatory Compliance​.

  • Interpretations, Advisory Bulletins Directly Related to the case.

  • Operator Qualifications (OQ) Requirements.

  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Full Review & Compliance.

  • Best Practice Comparisons & Survey Results.

  • Investigation of Prior Company Citations & Violation Notices.

  • State Regulator Enforcement History.

  • Location of Incident Historical Leak/Incident History.

  • State and/or Federal Law Relevance.

  • NFPA 54, International Fuel Code, etc..

  • Discovery Prep.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are unmatched in the Natural Gas industry across the nation. Our services & expertise is extremely unique in terms of having direct insight into the internal operations of the Distribution & Transmission natural gas industry, as well as the Propane industry.


We also pride ourselves on our ability to not only provide expert consulting & expert witness services but also assist in building the firm's case, instead of having your counsel or support staff "starting from scratch" and attempting to learn the industry with months of research and follow-up!


NatGas Consulting inc. can assist & build cases such as;



  • Initial Assessment & Timeline Development.

  • Photographic Evidence Log & File for Easy Access.


  • Development of Critical Discovery Items.


  • Immediately Identifying Past & Known Explosion Causes & Warnings in the Industry!


  • Client and/or Witness De-Briefs.


  • Access to Incident Reports and Key Data.


  • Educating Firm/Company Staff in Understandable (technical)Terms! 






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