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NatGas Consulting provides the most unique:

  • Natural Gas

  • Propane

  • Carbon Monoxide


Expert services in the United States and beyond.


Our experts have direct "hands-on" experience working directly in the very field they will be providing opinions on which no other service can match.


If you're looking to find what happened that led to a natural gas or propane explosion, and more importantly internally in the gas/propane company, or seeking an expert in state or federal regulatory proceedings.....Look no further than NatGas Consulting Experts


NatGas Consulting is a business developed as part of several natural gas-related ventures developed over the past 30 years by principle Mark McDonald.​

NatGas Consulting - 411Experts has developed into a core group of multi-industry experts with field "hands-on" experience who were each carefully selected as the BEST from their field of expertise.


If you're looking for a "Hired Gun" to provide testimony regardless of the have come to the wrong place. We only provide "Experts" who are true experts in the field they will be asked to testify based on their experience & findings during an investigation.


We take pride in being a unique expert consulting company where every expert with NatGas Consulting has at least 2 decades of experience working as an expert in their field before becoming eligible to join our company as an expert.


We Are Very Proud of Our Unique Expertise! 


We provide full consulting & expert witness services on a variety of subjects related to;


  • Natural Gas

  • Propane

  • Carbon Monoxide


Our experts provide unparalleled services no company can match. Including Regulatory Case Testimony, Carbon Monoxide (the silent killer), 3rd Party Damage 811 - Locating Incidents, HVAC Incidents, Plastic-Coupling Failures, Incorrect Installation, Natural Forces, District Regulators/Odorant and Propane (LP) & Natural Gas explosions.

​Our experts all come directly from the field working as a career. With decades of work in several specific specialized roles.

We also have experts on regulatory process & case building in terms of accident re-creation and fault assessment. 


Mark has extensive experience working with the media locally & around the country. This work is critical in terms of educating the media & public on pipeline safety, such as what questions to ask which should promote answers much quicker than what historical process provides.


We do not provide any comments to the media on cases we are retained on unless directed to do so by our client. 

We are also working on several projects on specific Natural Gas, Propane & Carbon Monoxide explosions/incidents around the nation. Our attorney referral lists are readily available and quite lengthy with independent assessments of our:

  • Experience

  • Professionalism

  • Technical Ability

  • Accessibility

  • Availability

From our previous & current clients.


Our goal is PERFECTION!


Testimonial: Kristen Setera Sr. Investigative Producer WCVB-TV Boston |

​"Mark is incredibly thorough. He always has documentation to back up what he says, never shoots from the hip without facts.  He’s eager to help and very accessible. He makes it easy for those of us in the media to verify what he is saying is true." 


"Mark’s deeply committed to staying up with the latest trends re: his field and always does his homework before reaching out to speak on an issue. He’s in it for the right reasons, to improve public safety and help those of us in the public gain a better understanding of the problems that are impeding that goal."



Testimonial: Joseph T. Williams (Partner) Williams & Santoni |


"I was very lucky to find Mark McDonald and his company, NatGas Consulting, after being retained by the family of a person terribly injured in a natural gas explosion.


I knew nothing about natural gas or the cause of the explosion. I told Mark that I wanted to know the truth, even if the truth proved harmful or even fatal to my case. Mark told me that the truth was all he would give me. I was pleased to learn that Mark was a man of his word.


Mark jumped on the case immediately and reviewed all available information, much of which I was unaware of and very quickly told me about the cause of the explosion.  He explained what had happened and how he was able to arrive at his conclusions. He was crucial to my understanding of the facts.


If I have any matter involving natural gas or anything remotely related in the future I will involve Mark's company immediately. I recommend NatGas and Mark in the highest possible terms to any lawyer or insurer wanting to get at the truth".







Natural Gas - Propane Explosion Experts


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